Getting Started

Welcome to Regzen!

Regzen is a free passwordless authentication app with a built-in anti-phishing protection. Easily Sign In to connected websites and services using your email and device only.

Before you get started, let’s learn how to set up your account and get the most out of Regzen.

Download and installation

The Regzen mobile app is available for iOS and Android users, and it’s entirely free to download and use.

Please visit the Download page and choose your mobile device OS.

Download and install the app on your device.

Create a Regzen account

Add your email address and verify it. This will be your account email address (you can link as many additional email accounts to authenticate online later).

On the next step you’ll need to create your account password. If you’re wondering why you need a password, here are a few reasons:

  • Not all devices have biometrics as an option, so you’ll need an alternative to unlock Regzen
  • In case your biometrics are malfunctioning you’ll need an alternative to unlock Regzen
  • Using a pin as an alternative is not an option, since it’s not secure enough

You don’t have to worry, though. If you’re using biometrics, you’ll never need your account password, and there are options to easily change it in case you forget it.

Security Kit

Once you successfully create your account and unlock the app, you’ll see your account Security Kit. This kit consists of your account email address and Security Code. Along with your password you can use it to manually Log in to your Regzen account. We strongly advise you to save the Security Kit somewhere safe.


Next up, you’ll be offered to enable your biometrics. If you’d like to use biometrics (recommended) simply tap Enable and approve it.

Security Email

The Security Email ensures you receive security emails to your secondary email address instead of you account email address. This way your Regzen account is protected in case someone gets access to you email account, since any security notification will be sent to the Security Email. What’s more, if you ever need to reset your Regzen account you’ll be allowed to do it only if you have added a Security Email.
We highly suggest you to use a Security Email and add another level of protection to your Regzen account.
To add a Security Email go to Settings > Account > Security Email.

Recovery Features

Account Recovery is easy with Regzen. There are several methods you can use to recover your account quickly and easily:

  • Security Kit – Use it to manually sign in to a new device
  • Trusted Devices – Add as many trusted devices as you like and use them to add new devices or keep your Security Kit safe
  • Trusted Friends – Add as many trusted friends as you like and have them help you reset your password or recover your account in two ways:
    • In-app Recovery – If you’ve enabled biometrics and you want to reset your forgotten password, ask your friend to start an In-app recovery. You’ll receive a notification on your mobile device. Tap on it and start a recovery.
    • Email Recovery – If you can’t access your Regzen account for any reason, ask your friend to start an Email recovery. You’ll receive an email with a recovery link. Open the link and start a recovery.

Enjoy the passwordless revolution!

You are ready to use Regzen. Feel free to send us feedback. We’ll be happy to meet your needs and make Regzen the ultimate passwordless authentication app.

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