Regzen Browser Extension

User Manual

The Regzen browser extension is currently available for the Chrome Browser, and it’s entirely free to download and use.

1. Getting started

The Regzen extension for Chrome is available only to users who have already created a Regzen account via a mobile device.

If you haven’t created an account yet please visit the “Getting started with Regzen” page first.

2. Download and Installation

To install the extension, please visit the official Google Web Store download page and click the “Add to Chrome” button.

Alternatively, open the Regzen Download page, click the “Chrome Web Store” icon and then add the extension to Chrome.

3. Website Summary

Whenever you click on the extension icon, a Website Summary screen will open and inform you about the website status.

The grey extension icons indicate that you haven’t logged in to your Regzen account yet. Once you log in, the icons turns blue.

No Website

When you click on the extension while there is a blank tab open, the “No Website” screen opens.

There you can see the explanation for each Website Summary screen, or click on the “Log In to Regzen” button.

No Website - Regzen Website Summary

Not Supported

The “Not Supported” screen indicates that the website isn’t connected to Regzen yet.

However, there is the “Wish List” button you can use to add all your favorite websites and help us reach them faster.

Not Supported - Regzen Website Summary

Trusted Website

The “Trusted Website” screen notifies you that the website is connected with Regzen, and you can safely sign in.

If you are logged out from your Regzen account, clicking the “Sign In” button will prompt you to log in first.

Trusted Website - Website Summary Regzen


The Regzen anti-phishing algorithm works in the background and checks every website you visit.

The “Warning” screen indicates that something is not right about the website you’ve just opened (most likely a sign-in phishing attack).

Regzen will automatically protect you from Signing in on scam websites.

Warning - Regzen Website Summary

4. Logging In to Regzen

To log in to your Regzen account:

Click on the “Avatar” icon (the top left corner of a Website Summary screen) to open the “Welcome” screen. Click on the “Log In” button and a QR Code will be generated.

Now open you Regzen mobile app and go to Settings > Trusted Devices. Then tap the “Add Trusted Device” button. Scan the QR code from the Regzen extension and approve the device.

Regzen Extension - Log In

5. Authorization

The Authorization (Sign in) flow depends on whether the Extension is locked or not.

5.1. The Extension is Locked

Unlock the Extension

Once you click the “Sign In” button, the “Unlock” screen will open. Unlock the extension and the “Authorization” screen will open. Choose an email and approve the authorization directly from the extension (no mobile device needed).

Regzen Extension - Unlock

Push Notification to your mobile

Alternatively, you can choose to “Use your mobile device” and transfer the authorization to you trusted phone. Once you choose this option, a Push Notification will be sent to your phone. Tap the notification on your phone to open the “Authorization” screen. Choose an email and tap “Approve” to continue. You have 60 seconds to approve the request.

Regzen Extension - Push Authorization

5.2. The Extension is Unlocked

If the Extension is unlocked, click on the “Sign in” button and the “Authorization” screen will open automatically. Choose an email and approve the authorization directly from the Extension (no need for a mobile device).

Regzen Extension - Authorization screen

6. Logging Out

To log out from your Regzen account:

Click the “Lock” icon (top left corner) of any Website Summary screen and unlock the app.

On the “Settings” screen click the “Log Out” button.

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